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AMS Filling Systems

Gummies are an increasingly popular option in candies, vitamin formulations, supplements, sleeping medications, probiotic products, and even in health food and alternative healing options. They are also used for different over-the-counter and specialized medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gummies are often challenging for typical types of filling machines as they are difficult to process due to their soft, sticky nature. Getting the right gummy filling machine will be critical to maintaining production lines and ensuring a maintenance and trouble-free process.

The AMS Difference

At AMS, we have over three and half decades of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing filling machines and systems. Our gummy filling machine options include our low speed and high speed automatic lines. All equipment for gummies is made with food grade, stainless steel contact surfaces, which is essential for any type of product intended for human consumption.

We assist our customers to choose the right solution in a gummy filling machine based on their production needs, capacity, and the filling capabilities required. The higher the volume and production requirements, the more essential it is to consider the automatic fillers for increased productivity and capacity.

Our Continuous Motion Rotary Filler is an ideal solution. This machine helps to reduce the heat from friction, keeping your gummies intact and separated throughout the filling process. It also offers a touch screen control that is intuitive to use, allowing for transitions and adjustments with production requirements.

If you are looking for a replacement filling machine for gummies or are interested in setting up a new production process, talk to the team at AMS. Reach us at 610-942-4200 or through our online contact form for more information.


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