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See how our machines are the secret ingredient!

A customer came to us with a project to fill nutritional based chocolate pieces into a rigid container by weight. In order to do so, the chocolate squares had to have an average weight determined. AMS did this by testing 100 samples to determine piece weight and size variability. We were able to calculate average individual piece density and overall package density.

The next step was to determine how to fill the difficult container with a smaller opening to prevent the product from bridging. AMS tested multiple transitional methods and was able to determine the best way to string out the product to prevent bridging was by utilizing vibratory feeders. This also allowed AMS to calculate the charge time in our testing lab from the chute into the container with the total transfer time for the customer. All the data collected was used to determine the correct number of pockets and pitch diameter in order to meet the customers requested containers per minute.

Machine Specifications:
The machine or really “machines” chosen to complete this job was two AMS model A-700’s with a continuous motion rotary container handling system integrated with a supplied combination scale. We also built a custom double mezzanine to accommodate both rotaries where operators had access to both units.

The combination scale filler dispenses the predetermined amount of product by weight to the AMS continuous motion rotary base. The product is then transferred into the customer’s rigid container through a transfer funnel. The rigid containers are first fed through a timing screw, then into a star wheel and into the main turret. Once in the main turret, the scale filler is timed with the rotary base to ensure that the opening of the transfer funnel is always directly under the timing bucket of the scale. This ensures that the predetermined fill weight/count is accurately transferred. The rotary system also incorporates adjustable vibration to assist in settling the product into the container before the container exits the discharge. Leaf Springs are added to the timing chutes to assist in product dispensing.


  • Stainless Steel Safety Enclosure
  • High Speed Rotary Application Utilizing Combination Scale
  • Fill by Weight Application
  • Vibration for Product Settling
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Touch Screen Interface
  • Custom Built Mezzanine for Easy Operator Access
  • Integrated Dual High Speed Rotary Lines
  • Infeed and Discharge Sensor
  • Variable Speed Turret Drive & Auger Drive
  • Tool-Less Change Parts

Here at AMS Filling Systems, tackling your most complex projects is what we do best. Our continuous motion rotary fillers are an exceptional solution for most production lines because they solve difficult container handling and product settling problems, all the while maintaining very high line speeds. We can partner the AMS Rotary Machines with combination scales for a complete fill by weight solution.

Need a custom solution for your filling problems? Contact AMS Filling Systems to get started on your project!

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