AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

Sometimes being basic is exactly what we need. Simple, yet efficient. A basic rotary filler may be the very thing you need to fulfill your production needs, paying off the choice to go simple and paying you in the long run!

When is basic the right choice?

High speed rotary fillers provide continual, consistent and accurate filling for a variety of your free flow and non-free flow products such as cosmetics, powders or spices. Our standard – and custom – solutions integrate easily with other filling components and accommodate a wide variety of container types and sizes both cleanly and efficiently. If your production requires speeds of 60 or above, and your long-term plans are even faster than that, then the AMS Rotary Filler is the right solution for you. With a smaller footprint, compared to larger, high-speed lines, these ‘basic’ fillers keep your production moving.

How a Rotary Machine Works?

Your product is quickly and consistently dispensed into funnels. Product containers align using an infeed sensor and merge into timing screws for equal filling spacing. The containers, at just the right and variable speeds, position under the rotating hoppers for accurate product filling each and every time. The filled containers vibrate to handle product settling and receive a flex seal for a clean and consistent fill. While the process may seem simple, the results speak for themselves. Clean and efficient filling to increase your production and bottom line.

Basic can be just what you need, allowing you to appreciate the comfort and security of predictability, especially as it pertains to your production and financial bottom line!

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Check out our SA-700 Servo Driven Rotary Filling Machine below.

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