AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems


If you’re production line is stuck like chewed bubblegum in a 4-year-old’s hair, then it may be time for an AMS Filling System Rotary Machine! Whether it’s soft and squishy gummy bears, or vitamin circles, the end result can be less than sweet for your bottom-line. As sugar-based items move through a fill line, the friction of that movement increases the temperature, leading to your product beginning to clump and your efficiency slowing until you and your crew have one big, sticky mess. This mess equates to lost production, frequent repairs and decreased revenue for your business.

AMS’ Continuous Motion Rotary Filler A-700, is yet another innovative way we’ve solved this common issue. Our continuous motion rotary fillers are an exceptional solution for most production lines because they solve difficult container handling and product settling problems, all the while maintaining very high line speeds. You can partner the AMS Rotary Machines with your auger fillers or combination scales for smoother production speeds of up to 700 containers per minute. Further, the AMS Rotary Filler provides a level of filling accuracy comparable to more accurate, but slower, fill-by-weight methods.


  • Stainless Steel Contact Parts
  • Food grade, industrial strength and resistant to most chemicals
  • Easy removal and clean-ability
  • Variable Speed Turret and Auger Drive
  • Allows production at optimum speed while maintaining fill accuracy
  • Product Agitation Inside Hopper
  • Assures product consistency, maximum flow and consistent delivery
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Touch Screen Interface
  • Worldwide support network
  • Large touch screen display clearly shows all relevant information and enables easy transition through controls
  • Heavy-Duty Head Assembly with Dust Proof Cover and 7” Diameter Infeed Duct
  • Proven design to withstand the demands of daily production

Contact AMS today, your rotary machine experts, so you can ‘enjoy the sweet, without the sour’ of much higher production rates per square foot of your packaging floor, less downtime, more accurate filling and a better bottom line.

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