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Find out the Best checkweigher Technology for your Application

Strain Gauge VS Electromagnetic Force Restoration

When looking to purchase a checkweigher there are many factors to take into consideration that will help determine the best checkweigher technology for your application. These factors include things such as speed, price, accuracy, etc. Verify offers a range of technology from a simple, cost-effective strain gauge and digital load cell to high-end, high-accuracy electromagnetic force restoration, in order to meet a variety of customer’s needs.

But, what’s the difference?

If speed is not a huge factor in your decision and accuracy is needed but not critical then you may want to consider looking into strain gauge technology. The strain gauge is highly accurate but is more cost effective than other checkweigher options. It uses simpler technology to give accurate results and is diverse, powerful and can be integrated into your production line easily. The product moves onto the weighing platform making the springs bend, or strain. The wire tracks the resistance of the spring, acting like a sensor, and provides the weight measurement. Due to the sensitivity of the scale, it requires more attention to environmental factors and outside noise that could affect the weights. It is important to calibrate the checkweigher frequently for best results.

If you are looking for a higher end checkweigher with maximum accuracy and precision then consider looking into electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) technology. It is more precise with speed being a major factor that differentiates the two technologies. The weigh cells allow for high speed production with immediate feedback and adjustments. It utilizes a rod that lies within the electromagnetic field. The force restoration weigh cell measures the elevated current and transforms it to a weight measurement. This technology allows the operator to run the checkweigher at high speeds with consistent, accurate weights.

Depending on your applications, specifications and budget one checkweigher model might be a better fit than the other. Our goal when creating the entire line of checkweighers is to specialize in simple, user-friendly operations with ergonomic controls and minimal operator training. Our goal is to simplify the checkweighing process by customizing each machine to fit each individual application.

Our sales engineers are ready to answer any of your checkweigher questions and can assist in recommending the best model for you and your company. Call 610-942-4200 today!

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