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We make installation quick and easy!


At AMS Filling Systems, one of our goals is to make the installation of either our non-free-flow or free-flow auger tooling as quick, easy, and pain-free as possible!

We know that in manufacturing and production, time is critical, and that time equals money. At AMS Filling Systems, we offer a multitude of assembly materials, such as easy-to-read descriptions and diagrams, how-to videos, on-site training, and even resident experts that are just a phone call away. This ensures you and your team can switch out your auger tooling conveniently as the need arises.

While there are multiple parts to each type of auger tooling setup, the non-free-flow tooling only takes an average of 5 minutes to assemble, while the free-flow tooling takes less than 10 minutes! You will be up and running in no time after each change.

Here are some simple steps illustrating how easy our systems are to switch out and perform changeovers.


1. Adjust the auger shaft so it’s fully raised

2. Install the tapered auger (push up and to the left)

3. Slowly insert the lip funnel into the coupling and tighten the thumbscrews

4. Adjust the auger so there is about a thumbnail between the auger and funnel lip


1. Clamp the collector lid midpoint on the straight funnel

2. Insert the funnel into the coupling and tighten the thumbscrews

3. Insert the auger and adjust so it is flush with bottom of the funnel

4. Place the spinner plate at the bottom of the auger and tighter the left-handed bolt underneath to secure it

5. Attach the collector funnel and tighten the wing nuts


Problem:  Auger height is not set properly.

Solution: Auger is set too high or too low from the lip at the bottom of the funnel. Bottom flight of auger should be a thumbnail away from lip.


Problem: Gap between the spinner plate is too tight or too wide.

Solution: Make sure the gap between the spinner plate reflects the size of your product. The more granular the product the more space you should allow. The spinner plate should also not be right up against the auger or the product will jam. If the spinner plate gap is too wide then the product will start to fall off the spinner plate and drip. The happy medium is where the product has clearance but sits on the spinner plate and does not drip.

Problem: Spinner plate is mounted on the auger after the cover and clamp ring.

Solution: Make sure to clamp the collector lid onto the straight funnel and insert the funnel and auger prior to installing the spinner plate. You won’t be able to install the spinner plate after that point in time because it will not fit through the clamp ring.

Problem: Collector funnel is mounted too high or too low on the straight funnel.

Solution: The collector funnel should be mounted midway on the straight funnel for easy setup.

At AMS Filling Systems, we understand the value of manufacturing products in a way that makes them highly effective and easy to use. We also understand that by creating these products this way, your employees, in-turn, will place a higher value on their jobs and the equipment they work on.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve success by improving your auger tooling set-up!