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When both Cup Filler and Auger Filler options are good, how do you choose?

In the words of Zig Ziglar, “Every choice you make has an end result.” And at AMS Filling Systems, we know that the number one factor in choosing between a Cup Filler versus an Auger Filler is generally the product you are needing to fill. While both a Cup Filler and an Auger Filler can run shared products, they function differently, with each having their own set of unique advantages. With years of filling expertise and deep industry knowledge, AMS can offer a wealth of insight into this decision. Understanding the pros of each type of filler will ensure you run the best equipment for your filling needs. Let’s ‘fill up’ on information so you can choose wisely!

Most businesses within our industry have similar goals:  Their filling systems must be accurate, run efficiently and expediently, and they must minimize the need for clean-up and maintenance. To address these needs, AMS Filling Systems offers two types of filling equipment:  Cup Fillers and Auger Fillers.


The Cup Filler’s sweet spot is in free-flowing products such as nuts, beans, granules or coarse products – think chunky, gritty and loose! Cup Fillers use volumetric filling and the principle of gravity to function. A predetermined amount of product is released into a hopper where it is measured then released into the Cup Filler and ultimately into the container.


  • Good value
  • Exceptional at filling free-flowing products
  • Function at extremely high filling speeds
  • In general, their designs are simpler, minimizing maintenance


If you are in the ‘fine’ – free flowing or non-free-flowing – category of products, then an Auger Filler would be a better choice for you. Items such as powders and spices are ideal running on an Auger Filler. Contrary to a Cup Fillers’ ‘fill and release’ functionality, Auger Fillers rely on a continual, consistent flow from a hopper, utilizing an Auger which helps ensure accurate, volumetric fills with less overflow, spillage or clean-up.


  • Enable economical and varied packaging solutions
  • Can fill a wide range of containers with easy change of parts
  • Function at very high speeds
  • Easy to install

So, what’s the bottom line? By partnering with our experts at AMS Filling Systems, we help to ensure your production frustrations are low, your budget remains intact, and all your filling goals are met. As quoted by another non-famous person, “Make good choices today so you don’t regret tomorrow!”