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Everyone loves ice cream! Find out how we fill it!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite ice cream treat is filled without melting or causing a mess? Products such as ice cream, which are being filled into unique containers and bags, are the types of projects we take on all the time. At AMS, we specialize in unique and difficult products and this application is no different. This project was one of our favorite ice cream treats where we collaborated with a local bagging company to provide a complete integrated solution.

Our servo driven auger filler was combined with a VFFS bagger to fill the liquid nitrogen ice cream treat into bags. This equipment was then integrated with our Verify embedded checkweigher that provided automatic feedback and adjustments to the filler. What made this filler unique was the close proximity to the checkweigher. This allowed for the fastest rate of feedback possible. The filler could make automatic adjustments quickly, which eliminated product waste. The customer was also looking to run at a rate of 80 bags per minute, which we were able to achieve with variable speed and specifically sized tooling.

Due to the fact that the product needed to be kept at extremely cold conditions our team needed to use a liquid nitrogen jacketed hopper. This allowed the product to stay at consistently cold temperature throughout the fill cycle. We also used a jacket collector funnel, a specially designed level control and vacuum insulated drop tube to handle the conditions. The product required a consistent temperature of -250 degrees Fahrenheit to run properly. That is not just cold, that is REALLY, REALLY COLD!

In the ice cream industry, companies are required to meet 3A dairy requirements in order to fill this type of product. We designed a filler that complied with 3A Dairy certifications as well as met sanitary and washdown requirements.

After the filler was complete the customer came to our facility to test the equipment in our FAT room. We were not short on volunteers, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love ice cream. Now the current filler, along with three more additional fillers are all running at their facility. At AMS, we have tackled some of the most unusual products and difficult scenarios, but that is why they call us the filling specialist.

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