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Want to know the difference? Find out the best filler for your application?

So, you are looking to purchase a filler for your next production line. What type should you choose? Do you want a versatile and economical machine? Or are you looking for a more automated process? There are many factors to consider before purchasing a filler such as price, speed, labor and efficiency. Each machine has its differences and benefits. We have decided to make this decision a bit easier by outlining them each below.

The Semi-Automatic Auger Filler

The AMS A-100 semi-automatic filling machine is the industry standard for filling. It has a heavy-duty drive that is built to deliver extended service in demanding machine applications. This type of machine is incredibly versatile and economical and is capable of filling a wide range of products. Accuracies can also average +/- 1% or better depending on the application. Even though they do involve some labor, these machines are simple to use and require minimal operator training.

The lower price of a semi-automatic machine is a huge draw for customers. One thing to note is you do need an operator present to run the machine. While running, an operator must count, weigh and use a foot switch to release the product into containers. It is best used for small to medium scale production requirements.

When considering this machine, you need to weigh the benefits of cost vs speed. Are you looking for more of an automatic process or are you looking for simple cost-effective solution? Semi-automatic machines are economical, easy to use, accurate and can fill a wide range of products. Is this the best choice for you? Will this take your company to the next step? Or, are you already at this stage and want to take it to the next level? Are you looking to automatic your line? Read about our automatic fillers below.

The Automatic

Our line of automatic filling machines are accurate, efficient, and fast! Or line includes single head, dual head, multi head with many options in between. Each machine allows for customization and add-ons such as rotary tables, conveyor sizes, checkweighers and more. Our automatic line can fill virtually any rigid container at line speeds up to 60-90 cpm. Utilizing a two-station design, the dual head automatic filler can increase production rates, perform bulk and dribble fills or put two different products in the same container.

Now let’s talk about the differences. There are two major differences that come with purchasing an automatic over a semi-automatic: cost and training. Sometimes, when you get into a more in-depth model such as dual head automatic machine with embedded checkweigher, there is some operator training needed. This could mean more training within your facility or having a service tech come to assist with startup. The other major difference is cost. Automatic fillers can range in price but do cost significantly more than a semi-automatic filler.

If you are looking to increase production, package more efficiently, increase speed, and automate your line, then consider an automatic filling machine over a semi-automatic. It’s also important to know that we have the ability to upgrade your semi-automatic machine to a fully automated filler. By upgrading from traditional filling to a more automated line, it allows you to save costly downtime, increase production, and reduce labor costs.

If you need any further information regarding semi-automatic vs automatic fillers or just want to call to discuss your application, reach out to us. You can contact us at or at (610) 942 4200.