AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

These are the TOP 3 Common Questions that we hear from our Customers!

1. Question: Have you ever filled X?

Answer: AMS machines are used all over the world to fill powders, creams, pastes and other products in demanding and custom applications. Do you think you have a unique or difficult product? Chances are, we’ve filled it. Our engineering and production capabilities enable us to meet the packaging and filling needs for dozens of products, ranging from powders, spices, gummy bears, peanuts, coffee, supplements, beverages, spackling paste, adhesives to ground meat… almost anything that you can imagine. We also are capable of meeting 3A Dairy requirements for powdered milk type products and sanitary fills. Our equipment meets the most rigorous standards and highest production demands of the pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and chemical industries. With that said, we also provide extensive lab work up of your product to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can provide a solution that works for you and your product. So, when we hear the question have you filled product X? We can reassure you that we can. We have tackled some of the most common and unusual products. But that is why they call us the filling specialist.

2. Question: Do you fill by weight or by volume?

Answer: We often hear the question do you fill by weight or by volume? The answer is we can do both! The real question is do you know the difference between the two technologies and the benefits of each. When filling by volume the filler will dispense a specific volume of product. This is quick, efficient way of filling especially when weight is not a priority. All of our volumetric fillers are capable of filling +/- 1 percent with some products producing better accuracies than others. When filling by weight the filler will often utilize a digital scale or checkweigher for feedback. This will assure that the product is being filled precisely and accurately. Our fill-by-weight machines can also perform a “bulk and dribble” fill allowing a bulk of the product to be filled initially. Then the remaining product will dribble at a slower rate until it reaches the target weight exactly. This is one of the most precise ways of filling when speed is not a priority and accuracy is key.

3. Question: What is the difference between you and the competitors?

Answer: Have you ever asked what separates you from your competitors? What makes you different? Why should our company choose you? The main thing that makes us different is that we are CUSTOMER FOCUSED. We will listen to worries, frustrations and come up with a solution to move your company in the right direction. We don’t just put you in a category we cater to your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to take on projects that our competitors won’t and we customize our fillers to meet a variety of applications. We also pride ourselves on our service and support team and provide lifelong assistance even after the sale. Our goal is to build a RELATIONSHIP with our customers not just count them as another number. So, if you want a company that is going to support you all the way from the quotation process through testing, delivery and even after the sale – contact us today. If you want to fill it right – call the filling specialist. We look forward to working with you on your project.