AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

Gummies Ending up on the Floor Instead of the Bottle? We have the Gummy Rotary Solution!

Gummy and candy, in general, can be very tricky when packaging them into containers. They usually bridge or get stuck and have difficulty filling. That is why we have taken the initiative and become one of the top manufacturers for filling gummy and candy type products. We specialize in gummy and rotary applications featuring tough to handle products and difficult container sizes. We fill it all and we fill it more effectively. That is why we are the filling specialists.

Several of our competitors have tried to come up with a solution for this “sticky” product and as a result have ended up with more product on the floor than in the bottle. Our team designed a continuous motion rotary machine that features highly accurate combination scales, vibration for product settling, plungers to ensure a full fill and star wheel for proper container transfer and distribution.

Due to our knowledge and experience with this product we have successfully installed these rotary solutions in the facilities of many large gummy manufacturers over the years. We continue to lead the way in innovation, design, manufacturing and servicing.

If you want to fill it right – call the filling specialist. We look forward to working with you on your next gummy project!