AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

More and more companies are using automation to promote improvements in production levels and reduce overall labor costs. The market’s demand for filling machines is on an upward trend. In recent years, as the technology advancements have increased, so have the filling industry’s performance, quality and designs.

Filling equipment is primarily used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. The production efficiency of a filling line is determined by the accuracy and precision of the equipment. Due to those accuracy requirements, companies are moving more toward an automatic way of filling instead of the traditional manual filling methods. This allows for customers to save on labor costs and reduce product waste.

The AMS A-100 filling machine is the industry standard for filling. Its all-electric heavy duty drive is built to deliver extended service in demanding machine applications. This semi-automatic volumetric auger filler is incredibly versatile and economical. It has a solid construction, runs efficiently and eliminates costly downtime. Accuracies average +/- 1% or better and meets most filling applications. This machine is designed for any size company and allows for easy upgrades to heavy-duty base frames and conveyors for a fully integrated automated line.

Our base model fills free-flowing and non-free flowing dry products as well as liquids, regardless of viscosity. Whether it’s a 100 mg pharmaceutical or 50 lb. bulk product fill, the A-100 is capable of all types of filling applications. 

By upgrading from traditional filling to a more automated line, it allows customers to save costly downtime, increase production, reduce labor costs and eliminate product waste by increasing precision. AMS offers a level of service unmatched in the industry. Our sales representatives oversee customer orders through engineering, manufacturing, testing and delivery. AMS believes that your application requirements are our highest priority.

Let us identify the precise filling system solution required to perform at your company’s highest production levels.

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