AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

A large international pharmaceutical company that focuses on research and development had a very specific problem in need of a customizable solution. The company needed a custom filling machine capable of extremely accurate weighing stations with high speed productions. This became the next project at AMS in need of an engineering solution.

The customer needed to fill two separate antibiotic powders using the same piece of equipment at a high throughput. Product A was the inexpensive generic product and Product B was the expensive proprietary product.

The engineering solution that was provided was an indexing motion rotary auger filler with three weigh cells and two fill heads. The machine included specially ordered electromagnetic force restoration weigh cells and our high quality SL-50 fill heads. The container filling process was all centered around a custom designed star-wheel that indexed the product and provided feedback.

Once the containers were flood fed through the machine from a unscrambler table, the weight of each container was tared and the information was stored in a shift register. The product was then filled at station two and continued along to station three where it was weighed and registered again for high accuracy results. At station four the product received its final fill and completed its rotation at station five, where it was weighed for final check-weighing and feedback. If the container did not meet specification the container was rejected onto a reject conveyor and all accepted containers were discharged onto an accumulation table.

The machine was designed to reduce waste of product and increase the customers overall return on investment. It had all the necessary specifications and still obtained an accurate weight with a compact design. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to filling systems and components. That’s why we develop and deploy some of the most precise filling machines in response to the most demanding requests. AMS has earned the reputation for going above and beyond in creating custom technologies and engineering solutions.

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