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AMS Filling Systems

Looking to automate your filling line? Already have one of our standard A-100 fillers? Need a brand new filling machine capable of high speed automatic production? AMS is capable of providing automatic auger fillers and fill-by weight machines to assist in your filling process. If you already have one of our fillers and are looking to upgrade to a fully automated line, our team of engineers can custom design you a solution.

We build our automatic filling line to accommodate all standards of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. We employ high-grade stainless steel and Allen Bradley controls to ensure enduring quality and precision. By using commercially available parts, we minimize your cost of ownership and maximize your bottom line. Our automatic filling machines include: Single Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-400] and Dual Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-500] with many options in between. Each machine allows for customization and add-ons such as tables, conveyors, checkweighers and more. By upgrading to one of our AMS fillers your company will increase production, package more efficiently, increase speed and automate your line to minimize overall costs.

Single Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-400]

The Single Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-400] can fill virtually any rigid container at line speeds up to 60 cpm. Utilizing our proven heavy duty A-100 auger filler, this machine can dispense powders, granules, creams, pastes and liquids. The fully enclosed base features a stainless steel top, access doors and a stainless steel conveyor. The conveyor is equipped with adjustable guide rails and indexing cylinders to accommodate any container. The auger filler height is adjustable with a mechanical column jack assembly. A container lift and vibrator are located at the fill station to aid in product settling. AMS can customize every filling machine to meet your filling needs. Some upgrade features of the A-400 include; various types of level controls, cut-off devices, Allen Bradley servo drives and checkweigher feedback.

Dual Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-500]

Utilizing its two-station design, the Dual Head Automatic Auger Filler [A-500] can increase production rates, perform bulk and dribble fills or put two different products in the same container. The dual head auger filler also features a 10 foot conveyor with high-end, in-line speeds and top of the line Allen-Bradley controls. Each filling machine is customizable with upgrade options such as our A-520 model with a two lane, dual-twin-head, in line features. This unique design provides much higher line speeds than traditional in-line automatics and can reach line speeds up to 90 cpm. The A-500 is ideal for today’s higher efficiency packaging lines, where square footage is at a premium.

By upgrading from traditional filling to a more automated line, it allows customers to save costly downtime, increase production, reduce labor costs and eliminate product waste by increasing precision. AMS offers a level of service unmatched in the industry. Our sales representatives oversee customer orders through engineering, manufacturing, testing and delivery. AMS believes that your application requirements are our highest priority.

Let us identify the precise filling system solution for your company to perform at the highest production levels.

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