AMS Filling Systems
AMS Filling Systems

The Problem:

A potential customer came to AMS with an existing auger filler with outdated parts and controls. They needed to update their equipment to improve their fill weight accuracies and reduce waste. Their existing filler had an old and outdated checkweigher that was overfilling their target weight by as high as nine grams, causing excess waste. After several years of losing profit, they contacted AMS for a custom solution.

The Solution:

The engineering solution that was provided was a custom- designed checkweighers that was embedded into their existing filler. The new checkweigher had an extremely accurate scale with faster feedback in order to maintain the customer’s tight fill weight requirements. Another major improvement was the increase in containers per minute fill rate, which sped up production and increased their profit.

The Results:

Once the checkweigher was in place, the customer noticed immediate results. The new filling system was three times more accurate with reducing giveaway by six grams. The equipment we provided also increased their speeds by 67 percent resulting in an extra $60,000 worth of product per shift. This is how we turned our customer’s powder into profits.

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